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We are a small family farm (small farm, not family!), working to develop and establish the Pointing Labrador Retriever as a foundational hunting breed as well as family companion. We have always had plenty of animals and dogs around the farm, but have fallen in love with the Pointing Labrador and their highly intelligent yet driven, calm-demeanored personalities, as well as their ability to make lovely family additions. (Which is imparitive to a family of nine!) The development of the Pointing Labrador is known to be controversial in some circles, but we feel that these dogs are a great option for Colorado hunters being that they are highly versital, with the dual abilities of being top-quality waterfowl dogs as well as competitive upland pointers.

We look forward to hearing from you!

-The Anderson Family

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  • Litter Announcement!

    Provision Mountains Marley x Provision Mountains B. Nelli pups are here!


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Elizabeth, CO 80107

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Elizabeth, Colorado 80107